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Event Arts and Protocol was founded to provide solutions for event planners, advance representatives, and corporations who develop or host events. Our flags, backdrops and accessories have the consistent, uniform look that your event demands. And we deliver Anytime, Anywhere.

When executing an event, one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is providing a uniform look when using flags.  Why?  Because the people who supply flags (hotels, convention centers, or theaters) only have a flag or two and they come in all sizes and forms- 3x5, 4x6, 8 foot poles, 9 foot poles, eagle tops, balls, or spikes, gold fringe, cotton, rayon, or nylon. It is almost impossible to find more than one or two flags that are consistent.  Uniformity in your display not only enhances an event, but it also underlines your company’s credibility and professionalism.

You realize that seemingly small details can’t be overlooked.  In an age where everything is HD, consistency is critical to getting an impressive, clean TV image or photo shoot.

With over 35 years of experience in event planning and the flag industry, EAP is the one-stop that has it all.  If you need 1 or even 3,000 flags, gigantic flags, patriotic backdrops, or banners, EAP is your solution for consistency and quick turn-around.  You can call us 24/7.  We can deliver anywhere in the world, either airport to airport or to a specific location.

Event Arts and Protocol is ready to make your big event as memorable and hassle-free as possible.

Ron Fox, Cofounder
Paul Swenson, Cofounder
Bill Wing, Production Coordinator