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Are you looking for a patriotic event backdrop?  Or, are you looking for banners, signs, bunting and accessories to complete your event display?
Decorative Flags and Bunting at 2002 Olympic Opening Event - President George Bush Speaking
President Bush with United States Senator Orrin Hatch - Flags in the Background
Flags from Every State Decorate the Stage at a recent National Park Service Convention - Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne Speaking
Our experienced team has supplied flags and layouts for:
Patriotic backdrops
Community events
Press conferences
Political rallies
Presidential conventions

Military displays

Film production
Photo shoots
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Flags are a great choice for an event backdrop because they are symbolically loaded images. Flags motivate people. In other words, people don't just see flags. They see a country, company, or organization. And, people see everything they associate with that image - people, experiences, and feelings - all things that will motivate your audience to action. When combined with warm lighting, there is nothing more effective than a powerful flag display.

Event Arts and Protocol makes planning easy by supplying everything you need for clean, tight television shots and professional looking photo shoots.  Our signs and banners make branding hassle-free and our consistent, uniform looking flags create the memorable cutaway shots you are looking for. Plus, proper flag protocol keeps you and your event free from criticism.

Do you have questions about how to properly display flags?  Correct flag presentation is not just a matter of political correctness.  It also shows respect, professionalism and credibility at your event.  For decades Event Arts and Protocol has helped thousands of event planners and coordinators display state, national and international flags. We not only supplies flags, but we can also recommend possible layouts that will maximize your venue while respecting flag protocol

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